Monday, March 06, 2006

Steel...Am I made of steel...

One has to wonder if one is made of steel that they can go and move in with their inlaws...insanity..One has to be made of steel to make it through the whole ordeal...
Unfortunately I am made of that cheap medal that is on rings..you know the kind that turns your fingers green..he he...Yah..thats me..
I am so tired....I am falling asleep standing up..I finally slept for almost 4 hours on Saturday..After going over 2 weeks with alittle over 10 hours all together..I kid you not..Between my job, my kids, my husband, trying to move out of our apartment, and now starting school again..I am stretched thin..But the school part I am happy about..I feel motivated again..I just wish my computer wasn't a clunck of junk and I could log in..gosh smigetey wigety....I hate computers sometimes..Or maybe they just hate me..


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